Recent Publications on Latin America

A Solution to Fiscal Procyclicality: The Structural Budget Institutions Pioneered by Chile,” 2013, Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Performance, L.Cespedes & J.Gali, eds., Series on Central Banking Analysis, and Economic Policies (Central Bank of Chile: Santiago).  NBER WP No.16945.  Also in Spanish translation, Journal Economía Chilena (The Chilean Economy) 2011, 14, no.2, Aug., pp.39-78.  
"Are Bilateral Remittances Countercyclical?Open Economies Review 22, no.1, Feb.2011, pp.1-16. NBER WP 15419.    

A Comparison of Product Price Targeting and Other Monetary Anchor Options, for Commodity-Exporters in Latin America," Economia, vol.11 (Brookings Institution), 2011.  NBER WP 16362

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"A Lesson From the South for Fiscal Policy in the US and Other Advanced Countries,"  Comparative Economic Studies, 2011, vol. 53, no. 3, pp 407-430.   



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