Selected Press Coverage of BCDC (2001-11)

Double Dip watch, 2011:
"Recession Gatekeepers: How a Economic Downturn is Determined," ABC News, Sept. 26, 2011.
"Odds of U.S. Recession Seen Rising by Academic Panel Majority," Bloomberg, Aug 3, 2011.

Recovery watch, 2010:
"The Recession is Over," The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Sept.22, 2010.
Recession Measurement,” C-span, September 21, 2010.
"Longest Recession Since 1930s Ended in June 2009, Group Says," LA Times, Sept.20, 2010.

"Who Decides When the Recession Ends?"  National Journal Expert Blogs, April 19, 2010.
"NBER Committee Holds Off Declaring 2009 End of Recession Until It Is Sure,links to April 12, 2010, reporting by ABC, Business WeekNew YorkerWSJNY Times, TimeNational Journal,AtlanticLA TimesMiami Herald...
"These Guys Call the End of the Recession," The New York Observer, Sept.23, 2009

Recession watch, 2008:
Harvard Prof. Jeffrey Frankel About the Recession” CNBC, Dec.2, 2008.  
"Recession Began a Year Ago, Making It Longest Since Early '80s, Panel Says,"Wall Street Journal, Dec.2
"How The Recession Compares To Other Downturns," All Things Considered,  NPR, Dec.2
"NBER Declares Official Recession,"  Harvard Crimson, Dec. 2, 2008   
"Cambridge group pegs recession on big job losses: 'R’ word now official," Boston Herald, Dec.2
"Even Bernanke can't say what's next,", Dec. 2  
"Recession Dating: Some People Are Going to Be Surprised,"  EconBrowser, Dec. 2.
"Stocks Pummeled as Recession Becomes Official," PBS Newshour, Dec. 1
" NBER Says Recession Began in Dec.2007," CNBC, Dec. 1.

"Recession Started in December 2007: Panel" Reuters/MSNBC, Dec.1, 2008
"Recession Dating: When in Doubt, Wait for a Crisis," Real Time Economics, Wall Street Journal
"U.S. Recession Started in 2007, Longest Since 1980s,", Dec. 1            
"Recession shadows next president's economic aims," Malaysia Star, Oct. 30 
"U.S. in 'serious recession'"  Straits Times, Nov. 11, 2008
"Recession arbiter is sifting GDP, jobs data,"   MarketWatch,, Nov. 6
"Specialists: Inaction on Bailout Will Bring Pain" The Boston Globe, Oct. 1
"Econ Professors Lament Financial Crisis," The Harvard Crimson, Sept. 18
"Recession Uncertain, Says NBER Economist,"  MoneyNews, Aug. 28, 2008
"Jobs data, GDP, Stoke doubt over recession - The official recession call," MSNBC, Aug.1
"Why so long to call a recession?"  Business Week, May 19, 2008
"If it feels like a recession..."  All Things Considered, NPR, Feb.15, 2008  
"NBER BCDC members weigh in"  Wall Street Journal, Jan.24, 2008

Some media reports on NBER BCDC decisions regarding the dating of the 2001 recession:
"Out of Depth: Can Greg Mankiw Survive Politics?" The New Republic, April 12, 2004.                                          
"Experts Date It to Bush; Bush Says It Was Clinton's" Washington Post, March 5, 2004.
Business Week article on CEA declaration that 2001 recession started earlier than NBER says, Feb. 23, 2004.

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