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SEROR-Marlon_14Apr2021_ZOOM RECORDING and paper "Industrial Clusters in the Long Run: Evidence from Million Ruble Plants in China" (paper joint w/ Stephan Heblich, Hao Xu, Yanos Zylberberg)

JIA-Ruixue_17Mar2021_ZOOM RECORDING_and paper "A Theory of Power Structure and Institutional Compatibility: China vs. Europe Revisited" (paper joint w/ Gérard Roland and Yang Xie)

LUO-Ying_3Mar2021_PPT presentation_‘Whether Green Technology Innovation Is Conducive to Haze Emission Reduction: Empirical Evidence from China’ (paper joint w/ Ming Yi)

ZHOU-Sifan_2-24-2021_ZOOM RECORDING: and PAPER: "The Minimum Wage and New Business Entries in China: Estimates Based on a Refined Border Approach" (paper joint with Xiaoying Li and Dongbo Shi)

YUAN-Tanggang_10Feb2021_ZOOM RECORDING: "Would the Grandparents Save China’s Demographic Crisis?” (paper joint w/ RB Freeman and Zhixiang Geng) 

LI-Xiaoying_3Feb2021_ZOOM RECORDING and "PPT: Robot Use and Export Upgrading" (paper joint w/ Qiren Liu and RB Freeman)

XIE-Qingnan_20Nov2020_"Chinese Diaspora Researchers in the US: Contributing to US science discoveries & connecting US & China science"  (paper joint w/RB Freeman) 

XIE-Qingnan_related paper_“The Contribution of Chinese Diaspora Researchers to China's Catching up in Global Science and High-Tech Industries"

WAGNER_2Oct20_"Consolidation in a Crisis: Patterns of International Collaboration in COVID-19 Research" (paper joint with Caroline V. Fry, Xiajing Cai, and Yi Zhang)

CHEN-Tao_Seeing Is Behaving_Ec2342ppt_2Feb2019.pdf


HALEGUA-Aaron_Legal Preemption in China_ec2342_25Oct2017.pdf



LIU-Meijun_2_Knowledge flow in China’s humanities and social sciences_ec2888r_22Nov2017.pdf
LU-Ming_Georgraphy vs Policy_11-9-16-1.pdf


QIAN-Xuechao_ABSTRACT_Educ Investment or Family Background - A Tale of Two Mechanisms in Intergenerational Mobility_3-23-16.pdf


ZAX-Jeff_18-Oct-2017_Interregional Inequality in Urban China_Sept16.pdf

ZHUGE-Liqun_9-20-17_Can Environmental Regulations Drive Firms Innovation_w-Matt-Higgins-and-RBFreeman.pdf