China Gazetteer Project

  • The China Gazetteer Project is a large scale project to digitize economic data at Harvard's Yenching Library, from some 3000 county and city gazettes, to provide a new data source for China scholars. The project will greatly open the field for international researchers examining the economic and social development of China from 1949 to the present. The data will be made publicly available when complete.
  • The Gazetteer Project participated in the June 21-22, 2018 Chinese Socio-Economic Development Symposium, at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.
    Presentations included:
  • Yang You (Harvard University) "Language Unification, Labor and Ideology"
  • Tao Chen (Univ of Waterloo, CA) "Seeing is 'behaving': Using Revealed-Strategy Approach to Understand Cooperation in Social Dilemma"
  • Xiaolan Yang (Zhejiang Univ) "Team Incentives, Productivity and Choices: A Real-Time Real Effort Experiment"
  • Chao Liu, CCER, Peking Univ, "The Legacy of Common Land in China: Informal Institutions, Culture and Education" (with Wuyue You)
  • Weihong Zeng, Xi'an Jiaotong Univ, "Disablement Trajectories for Elderly in Rural China" (with Shuzhuo Li)