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BOOK RELEASE: April 2018
U.S. Engineering in a Global Economy, edited by Richard B. Freeman and Hal Salzman
Engineering Book

Since the late 1950s, the U.S. labor market in science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) occupations has drawn the attention and concern of eocnomists and public policy experts. U.S. technology leadership has sometimes seemed under threat as the proportion of engineerings declined in the overall labor supply. U.S. Engineering in a Global Economy offers fresh quantitative analysis of both demand and supply sides of the engineering job market in the United States and of how it relates to engineering practice and innovation in the global economy. The volume begins with an overview of labor market trends in engineering and goes on to examine the educational patheways of undergraduate engineers and their entry into the labor market, the impact of productivity and innovation of engineers working in firms, and different dimensions of the changing engineering labor market, from licensing to changes in demand and guest worker programs.
The volume provides insights on engineering education, practice, and careers that can inform educational institutions, funding agencies, and policy makers about the challenges facing the United States in developing its engineering workforce in the global economy.