Economics 1820: Education Reform in America





Economics 1820. Education Reform in America

Catalog Number: 52303
Roland G. Fryer
For Undergraduates and Graduates
Half course 
(Spring term). 
M., W., 10-11:30 am
Exam Group: 7,8
Location: Litteaur M-15
Introduces students to the methods and the research frontier in the economics of education. The first quarter of the course will cover common statistical methods in applied microeconomics, including instrumental variable models, regression discontinuities, difference-in-differences, and randomized inference. With these tools in hand, the course will critically survey the economics of education literature, placing particular emphasis on policies and practices designed to raise achievement among vulnerable populations. Topics will include achievement gaps, the role of incentives, the rise of charter schools, school turnaround efforts, and education's role in determining economic outcomes.
Note: Writing requirement: A research paper is required. This course meets the concentration writing requirement.
Prerequisites: Courses in introductory statistics, econometrics, and/or microeconomics would be useful preparation, but there are no official prerequisites. A non-trivial amount of math fluency is expected, however.