Publications by Year: 2011

Roland G Fryer J, Allan BM. The Powers and Pitfalls of Education Incentives, in The Hamilton Project. Washington, D.C. ; 2011. PDF
Fryer R, Dobbie W. Are High-Quality Schools Enough to Increase Achievement Among the Poor? Evidence from the Harlem Children’s Zone. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. . 2011;3 (3).Abstract

Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), an ambitious social experiment, combines community programs with charter schools. We provide the first empirical test of the causal impact of HCZ charters on educational outcomes. Both lottery and instrumental variable identification strategies suggest that the effects of attending an HCZ middle school are enough to close the black-white achievement gap in mathematics. The effects in elementary school are large enough to close the racial achievement gap in both mathematics and ELA. We conclude with evidence that suggests high-quality schools are enough to significantly increase academic achievement among the poor. Community programs appear neither necessary nor sufficient.

Fryer R, Holden R. Measuring the Compactness of Political Districting Plans. Journal of Law and Economics. 2011. PDF Accompanying Congressional District Maps 1-13.pdf Accompanying Congressional District Maps 14-25.pdf Accompanying Congressional District Maps 26-43.pdf
Fryer R. It May Not Take a Village: Increasing Achievement Among the Poor. Social Inequality and Educational Disadvantage. 2011. PDF
Fryer R. Financial Incentives and Student Achievement: Evidence from Randomized Trials. Quarterly Journal of Economics. 2011;126 (4) :1755-1798. PDF