Candidemia in the in-patient setting: treatment options and economics


Gagne JJ, Goldfarb NI. Candidemia in the in-patient setting: treatment options and economics. Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2007;8 (11) :1643-50.

Date Published:

2007 Aug


Candidemia is the most common nosocomial fungal infection in the US. More than one in four adults who acquire candidemia in the hospital setting die prior to discharge. In addition to high case-fatality rates and other adverse clinical outcomes in survivors, candidemia is associated with a substantial economic burden. High costs associated with complex diagnostics and procedures contribute to this burden, as do new pharmacotherapeutic approaches. Despite the high costs of many antifungal agents recommended for the treatment of candidemia, unambiguous clinical evidence to guide treatment selection does not exist. This article reviews the clinical and economic burdens of candidemia, describes candidemia cost drivers and discusses existing pharmacoeconomic data regarding the cost-effectiveness of candidemia rapid identification and treatment approaches.
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