Welcome to my homepage!

I'm a Benjamin Peirce and National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. I'm interested in symplectic and low-dimensional topology and geometry.  I received my PhD from UC Berkeley, where I was supervised by Michael Hutchings.  After that, I was a member at the Institute for Advanced Study for a year.  In my spare time, I like to play the piano and run.

If you'd like to find out more about me, please look through my teaching and research pages, or see my CV.  There are also some videos and slides available on this page from talks that I've given.  If you'd like more information about the Gauge Theory, Topology, and Symplectic Geometry seminar at Harvard, go to my seminar page.  I'm also interested in math education, especially new directions in undergraduate research opportunities.  If you'd like to know more about that, go here

I was one of the organizers for the 2015 "Summer School on Moduli Problems in Symplectic Geometry" at IHÉS.  I'm happy to say that there were a lot of great talks, which you can find at the webpage.