Videos and slides

Several of my talks are available online:

"An introduction to embedded contact homology"  is an expository talk which could be of interest to researchers wanting to know more about embedded contact homology.  Here is a talk on my joint work about volume in Seiberg-Witten theory and the existence of two Reeb orbits.  Here is a talk I gave on my work on symplectic embeddings of toric domains.  Here is a talk on my joint work on higher dimensional symplectic embedding problems.  And here is a short talk I gave about some problems in three-dimensional Reeb dynamics.

Here are some slides from powerpoint presentations that I've given (many of these are for the talks above):

"Symplectic embeddings of concave toric domains into convex ones"

"Reeb dynamics in dimension 3"

"What can symplectic geometry tell us about Hamiltonian dynamics?"  (From a presentation at an applied math seminar)

"Counting lattice points in triangles and the "Fibonacci staircase"" (For a talk at an undergraduate seminar)