Working Papers

Gabrielle Malina, "The Effect of Political Signals on Religious Individuals' Preferences for Pastors and Congregations."

Eitan Hersh and Gabrielle Malina"Partisan Pastor: The Politics of 130,000 American Religious Leaders"

Peter Bucchianeri, Riley Carney, Ryan Enos, Amy Lakeman, and Gabrielle Malina, "What Explains Local Policy Cleavages?: Examining Policy Preferences of Local Officials at the Municipal Level."

Current Projects

"A New Theory of Political Sorting into Religious Communities"

"Ideological Motivated Reasoning and Religious Messaging: A Survey Experiment" 

"The Political Engagement, Representation, and Leadership of American Clergy" (with Eitan Hersh)

"Understanding Theological Constraints on Religious Americans' Political Beliefs" (With Amy Lakeman)

"Survey of Mayors" (with Peter Bucchianeri, Riley Carney, Ryan Enos, and Amy Lakeman)




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