Brief Biography

I work in the field of Differential Geometry (low-dimensional topology and geometric analysis). My research has centered around symplectic geometry, gauge theory, and the relations between them (especially utilizing Seiberg-Witten and Embedded Contact Homology). My current interest is in the study of smooth 4-manifolds, using either gauge theory or symplectic techniques outside of the symplectic world. My immediate work is on contact dynamics (refinements to the 3-dimensional Weinstein conjecture) and higher-rank monopoles (in dimensions 3 and 4).

Here is my CV. I received my PhD in 2018 under Michael Hutchings.


As an undergraduate I majored in Applied & Engineering Physics at Cornell University, with 3 years of research in low-temperature experimental physics. Here is my honors thesis, Investigation of the Breakdown of Newtonian Gravity at Submicron Length-Scales (and intermediate poster), under my physics mentor Seamus Davis.

I then entered the PhD Experimental Physics program at UC Berkeley for a year, before leaving to join their math department. I worked under Dan Stamper-Kurn for a few months as a graduate student, with the intent of using cold atoms to study (cavity) quantum electrodynamics. I began by designing/building a laser to use in the lab and writing a document, Grating-Stabilized 1064nm Diode Laser, so that future students could easily build more.

What I also enjoy: playing most sports and swimming, playing the double bass and singing.