Interviews and In the News

Interviews and Videos

Women in Economics Podcast Series from the St. Louis Fed. Timely Topics with Claudia Goldin (August 3, 2022).

"Claudia Goldin and Anne C. Case in Conversation on Career & Family," Princeton Public Library (Oct. 3, 2021). YouTube of the event can be found here.

Listen to a fun interview on "Conversations with Tyler": "Claudia Goldin on the Economics of Inequality." The interview isn't just about inequality. It is all about Tyler Cowen's amazingly wide-ranging questions (Oct. 2021).

Claudia Goldin can be heard on Living Longer, Better, Smarter (May 25, 2021).

Listen to Claudia Goldin on The Conference Board's podcast Sustaining Capitalism be interviewed about the role of the COVID-19 pandemic on the female workforce and the future of work, schooling, and caregiving.

View the amazing Marginal Revolution video on the research and personal life of Claudia Goldin here. It is part of the Women in Economics Series. Also see Claudia Goldin narrate the Women in Economics Series video on Anna J. Schwartz.

The 2020 NBER Martin Feldstein Lecture, Journey Across a Century of Women (July 2020).

Tackle Gender Inequality at Home and at Work. Keynote speech (transcribed) at the Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics, March 2019. Chicago Booth Review.Goldin, Claudia. 

Time Traveler. Interview by Peter J. Walker. People in Economics. International Monetary Fund, Finance and Development. December, 2018.

The Truth About the Gender Pay Gap. Interview by Sarah Kliff. Vox. 2017. Internet. 

The Gender Pay Gap. Interview by Emma Plumb. 1 Million for Work Flexibility. 2016. Internet

On Equal Pay Day, Why the Gender Gap Still Exists.  Interview by Ari Shapiro. All Things Considered. 2016. Internet.

The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap. Interview by Steve Dubner. Freakonomics Radio Podcast. 2016. Internet. 

Interview for Econ Focus, Fourth Quarter. 2014. InternetPDF version

Exploring the Present Through the Past. Interview by Brian Snowden. World Economics, vol. 8, no. 4. Oct-Dec. 2007. 

Interview for The Region. Interview by Douglas Clement. Vol. 18, no. 3. September 2004, a quarterly publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

The Economist as Detective, a brief autobiographical essay from M. Szenberg, ed., Passion and Craft: Economists at Work. The University of Michigan Press (1998)

In the News Recently

"Are Vets and Pharmacists Showing How to Make Careers Work for Women?" Opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, June 9 2021, which discusses the implications of the book, Career & Family.

"The Long Roots of Women's Exodus from the Labor Force," by Katelyn Fossett, Politico. July 23, 2021.