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Richard A. Lester Prize for Outstanding Book in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations published in 2021. The award is presented to the book making the most original and important contribution toward understanding the problems of industrial relations, and the evolution of labor markets. (May 11, 2022).

"Greedy Work," by Francesco Donnar, International Monetary Fund: Finance and Development (IMF FD). (March 2022)

Les Échos by Juilien Damon. Review of Career & Family, "Femmes et travail: mutations et progrès encore á venir" ("Women and Work: Changes and Progress Still to Come") (Jan. 8, 2022). 

Five Best Non-Fiction Books of 2021 by Sophie Roell. (Dec. 24, 2021). "A book everyone should read."

Review of Career & Family by Barry Eichengreen, Foreign Affairs (Jan/Feb 2022). "[D]eeply researched, engagingly written, and surprisingly personal ..." 

Best Books of 2021 The Economist (Dec. 10, 2021). "Provocative and compelling."

Behavioral Scientist's Notable Books of 2021 (Dec. 9, 2021).

"Political Figures Share Their Favorite Books of 2021," Wall Street Journal (Dec. 8, 2021). See Jason Furman's picks.

Emily Oster, ParentData "What Do Claudia Goldin and Emily Ratajkowski Have in Common?" (Nov. 11, 2021)

The Economist "Do 'Greedy Jobs' Cause the Gender Pay Gap?" (Nov. 6, 2021)

"The Gender Pay Gap Starts at Home," by Lily Meyer, The New Republic (Nov. 4, 2021)

Jessica Grose, New York Times, "A Dose of Optimism about Mothers at Work," (Nov. 3, 2021) review by Jason Furman is here. "Overall, I loved the book and felt myself wanting even more." (Oct. 2021)

Economist Writing Every Day by Jeremy Horpedahl. What to Read: Claudia Goldin's Career and Family (Oct. 2021).

The Page 99 Test: Career and Family (Oct. 2021)

Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite, Harvard Gazette, "Why Being a Working Mother is Still So Tough" (Oct. 6, 2021)

Gretchen Gavett Harvard Business Review, The Big Idea Series/Rethinking "Back to Work" "The Problem with Greedy Work" (Sept. 28, 2021)

Virginia Postrel, Bloomberg News, Washington Post Are Career and Family Incompatible? (Sept. 19, 2021); Bloomberg Opinion version on "The Big Question," is here.

Rana Foroohar, "Forget the 'She-cession' -- Women Will Redefine the Labour Market," Financial Times (Sept. 19, 2021)

PublishersWeekly, Career and Family: Women's Century-Long Journey toward Equity (Aug, 5, 2021)

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, "Are Vets and Pharmacists Showing How to Make Careers Work for Women?" (June 9, 2021)

Prepublication Comments:

“The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the frustration of mothers who are fed up and exhausted. In a sweeping overview of a century of change in how women work and have families, Claudia Goldin gives this problem a name: greedy work. Her tour de force shows us where we have been and where we must go if women are ever to achieve full equality in their marriages and their jobs.”—Betsey Stevenson, University of Michigan

“This book is a must-read, especially for anyone balancing parenting with a career and frustrated with the disparate challenge on women in doing so. It is a powerful look at the history and data of the generations of women who have faced this challenge and the progress they made, and uses this history and data to show the way toward meaningful progress.”—Emily Oster, author of Expecting Better and Cribsheet

“Now, for the first time in history, women can have families and careers. Read Goldin’s masterpiece to understand the causes of this twentieth-century transformation and the pathway to gender equality.”—Alice Evans, King’s College London

“In classic fashion, Claudia Goldin carefully marshals a century’s worth of economic data to analyze gender inequity in the household and in the labor market. This sweeping, meticulously researched book is essential reading for those who seek to understand the dimensions and origins of the gender pay gap.”—Lisa D. Cook, Michigan State University

“Girls do better than boys in high school, and women are more likely than men to graduate from college, yet men still earn more than women. How come? Claudia Goldin is the expert on this question, and Career and Familyprovides a comprehensive answer in what is the equivalent of a historical novel spanning five generations. The book is concise, thorough, and completely engaging.”—Richard H. Thaler, coauthor of Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness

“Career and Family provides real answers to a century’s worth of questions about the drivers of gender inequality. With the rigor of an economist and the deft touch of a humanist, Goldin combines data with individual life stories, leaving no doubt that the problem lies in the nature of work rather than the nature of women. After reading this book, it is impossible to ignore the unavoidable reliance of the economy on caregiving and the necessity of society-wide solutions.”—Anne-Marie Slaughter, author of Unfinished Business: Women Men Work Family