Treatment school initiatives

The department of economics at each treatment school, under some guidance from the UWE, will use the grant award to design their own set of interventions that will take the most advantage of the school’s resources and existing programs. The UWE provides a list of potential interventions based on previous research on the recruitment of underrepresented minorities into various disciplines. The UWE has also compiled a list of resources that economics departments at treatment schools and other interested institutions can reference. We hope that by using these suggested interventions, departments can better engage students in the study of economics by providing more complete information about the wide application of economics and by fostering stronger communities between students, mentors, professors, and professionals and researchers.


List of Interventions compiled by the UWE organizers based on the discussion at the November Planning Group meeting of the Board of Experts.


A career in Economics... it's much more than you think

AEA video

(Video courtesy of the American Economic Association.)

The American Economic Association has produced a video with the aim of showing students who are evaluating career options in economics or may have wondered what types of professionals utilize economics in various fields that economics can be applied to more than just banking and consulting. The AEA and the UWE encourage educators in high school and college to show this video to their students, to begin introducing them to the many diverse areas which employ the tools of economics.

On the AEA page for the video, a Spanish edition is also available.