Participant Postings

Alex Gelber: Luncheon presentation "The Effect of Social Security Benefits on Earnings: Reconsidering the Social Security Notch."  This paper is currently being revised.

Claudia Goldin: Presentation slides on labor force participation rates using CPS and HRS data.  The relevance of the issues of this working group are highlighted in a front page NYTimes article from Dec. 6!

Joanna Lahey: Papers on aging, discrimination, role of health insurance, and other issues can be found on her website.  A PDF of her presentation slides for the working group is here.

Olivia Mitchell: (1) AER P&P, (2) JEL, (3) J Pension Econ and Fin, three papers on the importance of financial literacy; (4) Family Status and SS Options.

Phyllis Moen: (1) on volunteering (Social Problems), and (2) on the sociology of aging (NAS).

Claudia Olivetti: (1) Stevenson on divorce; (2) Fernandez and Wong on divorce risk; (3) Voenna on divorce laws and inter-temporal behavior of couples.

Robert Pollak: (1) on divorce at older ages, (2) on grandparents providing care for grandchildren  and (3) long run changes in marriage.