Service and Outreach


In addition to my teaching and scholarly publications for peer-reviewed forums, I am enthusiastic about academic collaboration, public communication, and developing resources that make historical material broadly accessible for colleagues and public audiences. I have shared research materials for my first book with a digital archive (see here), and in 2016, I co-founded a public history website, Anabaptist Historians. My views have been featured in such forums as Boston Review, Colorado Springs Gazette, Religion News Service, Tablet Magazine, Waging Nonviolence, and the Winnipeg Free Press.

Since the publication of my first book, Chosen Nation, I have been part of a conversation among scholars of Mennonite history regarding the response of the global Mennonite church to its past entanglements with Nazism and genocide. Professor Kyle Jantzen of Ambrose University has authored a thoughtful analysis in the journal Contemporary Church History Quarterly regarding some of my public writing on this topic (link here).


I recently gave a short interview about my book project, The Year of the Earth, with Faculti, a website dedicated to providing educational resources to academic communities and members of the public. Follow this link to hear my thoughts on the history of environmental science during the Cold War, and what it means for climate crisis today.

For a brief introduction to my book project about the International Geophysical Year of 1957-1958, you can also read my essay for the United Nations History Project (link here).