About Greatorex-Voith

Siobhan Greatorex-Voith is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology, pursuing a secondary field in Computational Science and Engineering, and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at Harvard University. She is a graduate affiliate of The Institute for Quantitative Social Science; a Cambridge Fellow; a fellow of Harvard's Graduate Leadership Institute; and, a resident tutor at Eliot House, one of Harvard's undergraduate residential colleges. 

Prior to attending Harvard, Greatorex-Voith served as the founding director of the First Gen Program at Stanford University, which aims to reinforce belonging among Stanford's first generation and low income college students, and to cultivate a supportive campus climate for these students through its diversity programs that focus on socioeconomic diversity.  She also helped with the launch of the Quest Scholars Network before leaving to serve as the project manager for Expanding College Opportunities (PIs: Caroline M. Hoxby and Sarah E. Turner), a national research project involving randomized interventions designed to improve the representation of high-achieving, low-income students at selective colleges. 

Greatorex-Voith's broad academic interests include income inequality, socioeconomic stratification and mobility; educational opportunity; the social determinants of health; empirical legal studies (with a particular focus on indigent defense); economic sociology; social psychology; social demography; quantitative methodology; experiments; and policy.  She is currently working on three major projects at the intersections of these fields.  She also works as a research assistant for the Resilience in the Survivors of Katrina Project (PI: Mary C. Waters).

She is a native of Milwaukee, WI and a graduate of Stanford University, where she completed a B.S. Symbolic Systems, and a B.A. with honors in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity.  Her senior thesis, “Class & Inequality in Higher Education: The Experiences of Low-Income Students in Elite Higher Education Contexts,” won the George M. Frederickson Award for Excellence.  In addition to her academic work, Greatorex-Voith consults in undergraduate admissions and serves on the Scholars Program Review Committee for the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.