Digital Projects

Groeger, Cristina V. "People's History Walking Tour of Boston." Historical walking tour of major sites and events of Boston’s labor, immigrant, African American, and women’s history, created in collaboration with the Labor Resource Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Each of sixteen sites include historical background, illustrations, and suggestions for further reading. The website features a mobile-friendly map for self-guided tours. 


Groeger, Cristina V. “Demography and Class, Work and Education in Boston, 1880-1930.” Interactive map showing the demographic transformations in Boston’s neighborhoods between 1880 and 1930 is available on the Boston Research Map, a joint initiative of the Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI) and Harvard’s Center for Geographic Analysis, 2015. Drawing on a new database developed with funding from BARI, this map allows users to visualize ward-level data on ethnicity, race, occupation, and school attendance in 1880, 1900, and 1930. This information can be used to illustrate a variety of different shifts that occurred in Boston over that period, including, but not limited to:

  • ​The growth and changing locus of Boston’s Irish, Italian, Jewish, and African-American populations at a time when immigration and migration dramatically changed the city and its neighborhoods.
  • The significant economic and social changes that occurred as Boston's economy transitioned from unskilled labor to a reliance on white-collar jobs. 
  • The rapid great expansion of secondary school enrollment and concurrent decline in youth participation in the work force following the education reforms of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
The new maps are available online at
The underlying data is available from the BARI data library (, which is open to any registered user of the BARI website.