Hack for the People is an online intercollegiate platform that hosts events centered on current social/economic/political/environmental issues mentored by experts on topics suggested by students and more. By connecting students and experts from across the globe, this initiative facilitates diverse discussions and innovation opportunities covering a variety of topics that will emphasize a global outlook on situations that impact us all.

General Tracks:

  1. Sociocultural
  2. Economic
  3. Political
  4. Environmental

General Prizes:

  1. Best Sociocultural Hack
  2. Best Economic Hack
  3. Best Political Hack
  4. Best Environmental Hack
  5. Best Data Visualization Hack
  6. Best High School Hack
  7. Best Continuation Hack

Sponsor Prizes:

  1. Best Use of Google Cloud
  2. Best Use of echoAR
  3. Pale Blue Dot
  4. Hindsight 20/21
  5. I'm Possible
  6. See The Light
  7. The Sixth Extinction
  8. Re-Flatten The Curve

Each sponsor track winner will receive a sponsor-contributed prize. Sponsors contribute a problem statement, office hours, educational material, and judging.




  1. Apply for the hackathon through our Devpost page to be eligible for prizes. You can compete individually or with a team of up to 4 members. Acceptances are rolling.
  2. Fill out our Typeform to complete your registration and get swag mailed to you after the event is over.
  3. Join the Harvard student-led Coronavirus Visualization Community Intercollegiate Discord server and head over to the #check-in channel after self-verification to access to our event channels where the hackathon will be taking place.


  1. Attend our opening ceremony Friday August 21st 10:00:00 AM ET.
  2. Receive help from our world-class mentors and learn from experienced SWEs.
  3. Watch expert panels, tutorials, and presentations.


  1. Develop a project that encompasses a solution to one or more of our tracks.
  2. Continuation projects are allowed, but will only be eligible for the 'Best Continuation Hack' prize as well as VC prizes.


  1. All attendees must submit their projects alongside a project description and 2 minute video demo through our Devpost page by Sunday August 23rd 1:00:00 PM ET.
  2. Our judges will primarily be looking at your submitted Devpost project page and the uploaded 2 minute video demo of your project.
  3. Use this article to learn how to create and submit a project on Devpost. 

Closing/Awards Ceremony Sunday August 23rd 4:00:00 PM ET.