Correlated electron materials under extreme conditions

Electronic correlations, namely electron-electron interactions and electron-lattice interactions lead to exotic phenomena in solid state mater. Our focus is on various aspects of strongly correlated materials. My research interest focuses on an interdisciplinary direction at the frontier between solid-state physics, materials science and solid-state chemistry that includes the materials preparation and characterization of strongly correlated electron materials under extreme conditions. I am aiming at discovering new materials with fascinating collective ground states to advance the knowledge of these emergent physical properties by investigations on single crystals with highest possible quality. The focus is on unconventional superconductors as well as magnetic materials close to a quantum critical point. My expertise covers both the growth of high-quality single crystals as well as the physical and chemical characterization of these crystals under extreme conditions.

Dr. Abdel-Hafiez is an experimental extreme condensed matter physicist. My research efforts aim for not only fundamental understanding but are also directed towards utilizing high pressure/temperature/field conditions to understand chemical processes, interactions, and to synthesize novel high energy density and advanced materials. I am currently a Research Associate in the Department of Physics at Harvard University. From my training in the field of experimental soft and hard condensed matter physics, I build expertise in materials science and solid-state physics and chemistry, with a focus on high-pressure characterization of strongly correlated electron and layered two-dimensional materials using precision measurements. In particular, high Tc superconductivity, magnetism and superfluity in the vicinity of quantum phase transitions.

Presently my record of accomplishment in the areas of strongly correlated electron systems is 62 publications in high-quality journals including Nature materials, Nature communications, Phys. Rev. Lett., Phys. Rev. B. with citations of 1250-times and an h-index of 20, source: Web of ScienceTM.

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