Systems Approaches to Cancer Biology


Archer TC, Fertig EJ, Gosline SJC, Hafner M, Hughes SK, Joughin BA, Meyer AS, Piccolo SR, Shajahan-Haq AN. Systems Approaches to Cancer Biology. Cancer Research [Internet]. 2016;76 (23) :1-4.

Date Published:

18 Nov, 2016


Cancer systems biology aims to understand cancer as an integrated system of genes, proteins, networks, and interactions rather than an entity of isolated molecular and cellular components. The inaugural Systems Approaches to Cancer Biology Conference, cosponsored by the Association of Early Career Cancer Systems Biologists and the National Cancer Institute of the NIH, focused on the interdisciplinary field of cancer systems biology and the challenging cancer questions that are best addressed through the combination of experimental and computational analyses. Attendees found that elucidating the many molecular features of cancer inevitably reveals new forms of complexity and concluded that ensuring the reproducibility and impact of cancer systems biology studies will require widespread method and data sharing and, ultimately, the translation of important findings to the clinic.

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