Hospice Use Among Patients with Heart Failure


Cross SH, Kamal AH, Taylor, D. H. J, Warraich HJ. Hospice Use Among Patients with Heart Failure. Card Fail Rev. 2019;5 :93-98.

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Despite its many benefits, hospice care is underused for patients with heart failure. This paper discusses the factors contributing to this underuse and offers recommendations to optimise use for patients with heart failure and proposes metrics to optimise quality of hospice care for this patient group.


Cross, Sarah HKamal, Arif HTaylor, Donald H JrWarraich, Haider JengReviewEnglandCard Fail Rev. 2019 May 24;5(2):93-98. doi: 10.15420/cfr.2019.2.2. eCollection 2019 May.