Welcome to my website! My name is TU Hang 涂航. I am an Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies at the National University of Singapore. My primary reasearch and teaching interests lies in modern Chinese literature and political thought from the late Qing to the post-Mao period.

My current research centers on the dynamic interaction among literature, ideas, and institutions in twentieth-century China. I am interested in how the historical intersection between “literature” (wen 文) and political thought has played a decisive role in the formation of various “-isms” (zhuyi 主义) in modern and contemporary China.  My book project is entitled “Sentimental Republic: Chinese Intellectuals and the Maost Past.” It explores how the legacy of Mao’s communist revolution—as literary practice, mediated memory, and political imaginary—has profoundly shaped China’s cultural and intellectual transformations from the late seventies to the twentieth-first century. In addition, I am also working on topics including modern Chinese populism, the global right-wing resurgence, and intellectual debates in contemporary China. 

I received my Ph.D. in Chinese Literature at Harvard University. 





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