I am an Academic Doctor in the UK, currently studying for an MMSC in Medical Education, Training and Innovation at the Harvard Medical School. My interests in education include the assessment of resident doctors, the prevention of burnout, the use of social media in education and the retention of doctors in the workforce. I currently write a blog about the training of Junior Doctors in the NHS. My clinical interests include the use of hormones in the treatment of prostate cancer, the role of sex hormones in the development of disease and the improved recognition of the effects of low testosterone in men.

I have been a tutor and mentor for adolescents in the UK for the last decade. During this period, I have successfully helped numerous students from a wide variety of backgrounds with their applications to the top universities in the UK, such as Oxford and Cambridge and with their applications to medical schools. I also work with students with learning disabilities to help them to achieve their full potential. I have won several national awards for my contribution to teaching and mentorship and have been invited overseas to participate in mentorship schemes, most recently in the UAE, Dubai.