Please visit my personal webpage for updated information.

I am currently a Post-doctoral Research Associate working with Sarah Frisken within the Surgical Planning Lab (Boston, MA), a unit of Harvard Medical School and the Radiology Department of Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Before joining the Surgical Planning Lab I was a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Inria Strasbourg (France), within the Mimesis Group working with Stephane Cotin with whom I maintain an active collaboration.

I prepared my Ph.D. on augmented reality for hepatic surgery using soft-tissue simulation at Inria Lille and Nancy (France) under the supervision of Marie-odile BergerJeremie Dequidt and Stephane Cotin. I originally studied computer science and graduated from the University of Algiers (Algeria) and the University of Lille (France).

My research work focuses on image-guided simulation, augmented reality for deformable objects and 3D shape recovery of non-rigid surfaces with an application to surgery. Take a look at my publications for more details.

A large part of my work is based on the open source Sofa framework, an efficient framework dedicated to research, prototyping and development of physics-based simulations.