Current Research Projects

The Missionary’s Curse and Other Tales: A Catholic Village in China, 1700-2000.
Monograph on the history of modern China’s transnational connections in a long
term perspective, global christianity, and changing structures of local society.

The Impact of the Atomic Bomb on Chinese Society 1945-1955.
Paper on newspaper coverage, propaganda and rural rumours in relation to nuclear
weapons and energy.

Interpreting Lord Macartney: The Lives of Li Zibiao and George Thomas Staunton.
Monograph on Chinese views of Europe and European views of China, the global
world of 18th century elites and its transition to 19th century imperialism, and
translation and interpreters.

A History of the 1949 Communist Revolution in China.
Monograph on how the revolution was experienced as the communists took power
from 1948 to 1951.