Curriculum Vitae

Heidi Tworek is Assistant Professor of International History at the University of British Columbia. Her current book project focuses on news agencies as the nexus of modern news collection and dissemination. In particular, she explores how German news agencies seized a commanding position in the international information order in the interwar period. Her work challenges the common conception of Anglo-American dominance of global media in the twentieth century. Her further research interests include media technology, international organizations, intellectual property, and higher education.

Tworek has co-edited two special issues on communications for Journal of Global History and Journal of Policy History. She has published in journals including Journalism Studies, Business History Review, Historical Social ResearchGerman History, and Enterprise & Society. In October 2012, she launched the UN History Project website to provide materials for researching and teaching the history of international organizations. She has also written and spoken on higher education for The Atlantic and on KCRW as well as on news for a variety of publications.

She received her BA (Hons) in Modern and Medieval Languages with a double first from Cambridge University and earned her PhD in History from Harvard University in 2012. Her dissertation received the Herman E. Krooss Prize for best dissertation in business history. She previously held the position of Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies and Lecturer on History in the History Department at Harvard University.