Student Course Evaluations

These graphs present student evaluations of my teaching in all courses that I have finished teaching at Harvard to date. Students rate teachers in these categories on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. Harvard benchmarks vary depending upon the type of course and department. Hence I have included them for each course for comparison. Student response rates range from 55 to 100% of those enrolled in the course.

The Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching is awarded to any teacher whose overall evaluation is 4.5 or above. I have received this certificate for both iterations of my seminar on the History of News and my work in the Senior Thesis Tutorial, Colloquium on Teaching Practices, History Sophomore Tutorial, United Nations: A Global History, Germany and the World: 1600-2000, and World War II. I have also completed the Derek Bok Center Teaching Certificate Program at Harvard.