Public Economics II (2450B)





This course follows 2450A. The course will focus on a range of topics in public economics including welfare estimation of government policies, public goods, education policies, place-based policies, insurance markets, and the optimal provision of social insurance. Lecture slides are provided below.

Citation note: I would like to thank Raj Chetty, Amy Finkelstein, and Emmanuel Saez for graciously sharing their slides which were immensely useful in the construction of the slides below.

Topic 1: Basics of Welfare Estimation733 KB
Topic 2: Incorporating Redistributive Concerns2.04 MB
Topic 3: Subsidies and Public Goods1.12 MB
Topic 4: Education1.24 MB
[Education Slides Amended with Kline and Walters / Head Start Discussion]2.79 MB
Topic 6: Neighborhoods and Intergenerational Mobility22.21 MB
Topic 7: Adverse Selection and Insurance Market Failures3.98 MB
Topic 8: Optimal Social Insurance - UI2 MB
Topic 9: Welfare Analysis of Health Insurance9.94 MB
Topic 10: Welfare Analysis of Public Health Insurance3.9 MB
Topic 11: Disability Insurance2.03 MB
Topic 12: Behavioral Biases3.6 MB