Data Science, Software Engineering, Computer Science, FinTech, Financial Markets

Originally from Israel, I have gained over 10 years of working experience in finacial markets trading working in multiple big international financial institutions. 
My interests and education are crucial for the current decade: Finance, Computer Sceince, and Data Science. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Liege (Liege, Belgium) with a Major in Economics. More recently, During my studies in Harvard I have already gained a certificate in Data Science.

My Thesis Project, focuses on the interdisciplinary field  of finance and technology. In the frame of this work I develop a robo analyst capable of giving inbestment recommendations by using the most state of the art techonologies including NLP and deep learning algorithms.

In November 2022, after four years of intense studies in Software Engineering, I will Graduat from the Harvard's extension school ALM program with a Master in the field of Software Engineering; this program will allow me to expand the scope of my expertise in my professional and personal life on the above mentioned three pillars.


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