The Globalization Survey

The dramatic growth in world trade, investment, and immigration in rcent decades has provoked strong and varied responses among firms, workers, labor unions, activists, voters, and policymakers. As debates about globalization intensify, it is unsettling to realize that we know very little about how different actors are responding, why, and with what effects. Existing studies are dedicated almost exclusively to gauging voter attitudes on issues. Currently there exist no micro-level evidence on the preferences and behaviors of the main economic and political actors. The project is aimed at addressing this problem.

The project consists of surveys of a large sample of firms and workers in 12 industries, matched with surveys of trade associations and labor unions in the same industries, and interiews with elected policymakers representing districts in which those industries are heavily concentrated. The surveys collect detailed data on the policy preferences and political and economic characteristics and activities of firms, workers, organizations, and policymakers. Initial surveys administered in the United States will be followed by similar surveys in Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia. For more information, please see the short summary, or the longer background description.

IMPLEMENTATION BEGAN IN 2009. Please check back soon as we will be posting new papers.