**Please note: I have joined the faculty at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, Section of Cancer Epidemiology and Health Outcomes. To see what I'm up to, please visit here. This site will no longer be maintained.**

Welcome! I recently completed my doctorate in cancer epidemiology at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. I have begun postdoctoral training with Professor Timothy Rebbeck's lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Professor Francine Laden's SpacE2 lab. My research furthers our understanding of how the places where we live influence our risk of and death from cancer. To answer these questions, I have acquired knowledge from the fields of cancer epidemiology and environmental epidemiology from experts at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health. I have also developed skills in the management and analysis of geospatial data using ArcMap, R, and Google Earth Engine. My thesis work investigated the association between neighborhood greenness and prostate cancer risk and mortality in the United States, and cancer risk factors in sub-Saharan Africa. I also provide statistical guidance and programming support to researchers and clinicians working to improve oncology care delivery in resource-limited settings. 

Prior to arriving at Harvard Chan, I worked as a statistical programmer for academic research institutes and non-profits based in sub-Saharan Africa studying ways to improve health service delivery in Zambia and Rwanda. This experience motivated me to pursue cancer epidemiology and prevention as a specialty. As I advance in my career, I hope to work with other scientists, governments, and non-profits to improve cancer prevention and oncology care delivery in low resource settings in the US and globally. 

You can find links to my research and projects above.