Collecting, Analyzing, and Visualization Conversation Networks Using NetworkX and Flourish

Presentation Date: 

Friday, June 24, 2022


Oslo, Norway

Global Fact 9 Conference (
This session trains participants to apply social network analysis methods, techniques, and software libraries to reveal relationships among Twitter users who are engaged in conversation about any topic. 

A demo of the social network analysis of tweets between scientists and journalists can be seen here: Attendees will be introduced to the Python software library NetworkX and the data visualization tools Gephi and Flourish Studio to implement the data collection (Zapier), cleaning, and network analysis (NetworkX) and visualization (Flourish) workflow for their own projects.  The format will be hands-on and interactive. After a brief demo and overview of the system workflow, participants will set up the software tools and ingest a simple practice data to recreate the data analysis and visualization on their own computers. 

The second half of the workshop will ask participants to choose their own topics to produce a Twitter List and build a prototype system to monitor and analyze Twitter relationships and interactions among persons/organizations/profiles of interest. Lastly, we will conclude with a brainstorming discussion about what heuristics to use to identify Twitter users who are not on the Twitter List but should be added based on a centrality score derived from their frequent interaction with members of the Twitter List.