Collaborative streaming of video content


Hong QU, Yu Pan, Ches Wajda, and Maryrose Dunton. 3/8/2016. “Collaborative streaming of video content.” United States of America US9282068B1 (U.S Patent and Trademark Office). Publisher's Version
Collaborative streaming of video content


A system, method and various user interfaces enable visually browsing multiple groups of video recommendations. A video stream includes a group of videos to be viewed and commented by users who join the stream. Users who join a stream form a stream community. In a stream community, community members can add videos to the stream and interact collaboratively with others community members, such as chatting in real time with each other while viewing a video. With streams, a user can create a virtual room in an online video content distribution environment to watch videos of the streams and interact with others while sharing videos simultaneously. Consequently, users have an enhanced video viewing and sharing experience.
Last updated on 09/09/2019