Privacy Design Forecast 2019


5/5/2019. “Privacy Design Forecast 2019.” A collection of conceptual ideas on privacy by design and meaningful informed consent. Publisher's Version
Privacy Design Forecast 2019



Bridging privacy policy with product design


The Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy reached out to academics, design experts, and consumer advocates who are leading thinkers and practitioners in promoting privacy enhancing technologies. This website is a collection of their ideas on ways to build privacy into products and systems.

How might organizations and legislators collaborate to better translate aspirational privacy principles to product design and development?

There is a gap between translating privacy regulation to technology created by engineers and designers. Conversely, there is a gap between understanding how products work and how data is collected, maintained, and safeguarded that leads to the creation of ineffective public policy. This project aims to build bridges connecting these communities of practice.