Real-time video commenting


Hong QU, Steven Chen, Michael Powers, and Yu Pan. 8/26/2014. “Real-time video commenting.” United States of America US8819719B1 (U.S Patent and Trademark Office). Publisher's Version
Real-time video commenting


The present invention enables real-time video commenting by viewers of media content on a web site. The media content may be video, audio, text, still images or other types of media content. When a content viewer indicates a desire to provide a real-time video comment, a content server causes a video input device at the content viewer's location to be activated. The content viewer's video comment is captured by the video input device and transmitted to the content server, where it is stored and associated with the video being commented upon. When the original video is subsequently presented to content viewers, indicia of the video comment such as a thumbnail or description of the comment is also presented, thus inviting content viewers to view the video comment in addition to the original video.
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