Projects and Working Papers


  • The Diffusion of Cyber Threat: Security in the Network (Abstract, working paper available)
  • Developing Digital Capacity: How and Why Foreign Assistance Shapes Institutions (Abstract, working paper available)
  • Whose Experts? When Nonconformist Views Become an Asset (Abstract)
  • Do Cyberattacks Corrode?: Cyberattacks and Domestic Politics (with Thomas Zeitzoff and Joshua Kertzer) (Abstract, working paper available)

Internet Governance and Diffusion

  • Fox in the Hen House? Agenda Setting in Open International Forums
  • Does Data Follow the Flag? 

Social Media

  • Political Opportunism? How Collective Political Risk Alters Responses to Terrorist Attacks (Abstract, working paper available) 


  • Digital Document Forensics: Data Hidden in Plain Text
  • The Dynamics of Disclosure: Sources of Bias in Cyberconflict Data