Heather Shattuck-Heidorn

I study how our biology is mediated and influenced by our environments - especially our social and gendered environments. 

I also teach women and gender studies, about feminism and science, and write about how science and society interact. 

I am heavily committed to interrogating research ethics and the scientific process, and to creatively building a just scientific practice. Science for the people! 

Delighted to be in Portland ME, at the University of Southern Maine. 

Also see my work at the Harvard GenderSci lab. 

In academese: Heather Shattuck-Heidorn is a biological anthropologist who works at the intersections of public health, gender theory, and human biology. Her work analyzes how sex and gender are conceptualized in public health and human biology research and uses gender theory to motivate hypothesis-based research examining how our social lives become embodied, reflected in our hormones, immune function, and other biology. Current projects include utilizing large datasets to recover the effects of gender on aspects of immune function and a community-based research project investigating how gendered experiences influence stress and allostatic load in adolescents. 


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