Hudson Vincent teaches writing seminars at Harvard College. His book manuscript, The English Baroque: Literature in Excessargues that early modern English literature was an essential part of the first global style—the baroque. Hudson is also at work on two new book projects on the history of setter colonialism in New England and the history of prison literature.







  • "Shakespeare's Pericles and Baroque Romance" | Shakespeare Association of America Conference | April 2020

  • “Subverting the Settler: Thomas Morton and the Transatlantic Baroque” | Department of English, Smith College | April 2019

  • “Baroco: The Logic of Baroque Style” | The Renaissance Society of America Conference, Toronto | March 2019

  • “The Logical and Rhetorical Foundations of English Baroque Poetics” | American Comparative Literature Association Conference, UCLA | April 2018

  • “The Baroque Image of God: Optics of Heterogeneity in Góngora's El Polifemo" | American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Utrecht | June 2017

  • “The Ligaments of Love; or, Three Reformations of the English Body Politic, 1603-1653” | Crossroads Conference, University of Massachusetts at Amherst | October 2016

  • “Reading John Davenport: Scripture and Utopia in America” | American Literature in the World Conference, Yale University | April 2015


  • Harvard Certificate of Teaching Excellence, "Are Prisons Obsolete?" (Harvard University) | 2021

  • Harvard Certificate of Teaching Excellence, "Are Prisons Obsolete?" (Harvard University) | 2020

  • Bowdoin Prize for Graduate Essay in English Language (Harvard University) | 2020

  • Harvard Distinction in Teaching Award, "Texts in Transition" (Harvard University) | 2020

  • Mellon Fellowship in English Paleography (Folger Shakespeare Library) | 2019

  • Bok Center Pedagogy Fellowship (Harvard University) | 2019-2020

  • The Susan Anthony Potter Essay Prize (Harvard University) | 2018

  • Villa I Tatti Graduate Fellowship (Florence, Italy) | 2017

  • Harvard Distinction in Teaching Award, "Shakespeare, the Later Plays" (Harvard University) | 2017

  • Harvard Distinction in Teaching Award, "Milton's Paradise Lost" (Harvard University) | 2016

  • The Luisa Vidal de Villasante Essay Prize (Harvard University) | 2016

  • The Morehead-Cain Scholarship (UNC-Chapel Hill) | 2009-2013


Preceptor, Harvard College Writing Program

  • Expos 20: "Are Prisons Obsolete?" | Primary Instructor

Teaching Fellow, Harvard University

  • Comp Lit 343: “Professing Literature” | Professor Verena Conley
  • Gen Ed 1034: “Texts in Transition” | Professors Ann Blair and Leah Whittington
  • AI 56: “Shakespeare, the Later Plays” | Professor Marjorie Garber
  • English 131p: “Milton’s Paradise Lost” | Professor Gordon Teskey

Junior Tutorial Instructor, Harvard University

  • Comp Lit 98AB: “On Ekphrasis: Art History and the Classics” | Primary Instructor
  • Comp Lit 98AB: “Translation Studies: Greek Lyric to Hollywood Cinema” | Primary Instructor
  • Comp Lit 98 AB: “Migrant Literature and Political Theory” | Primary Instructor

Teaching Assistant, Boston University Prison Education Program (MCI-Norfolk)

  • English 201: “English Composition II” | Professor Ben Tanaka
  • English 104: “English Composition I” | Professor Ben Tanaka

ESL Teacher, Lycée Diderot de l’Académie de Reims

  • Beginning to Advanced Courses in English | Primary Instructor