Hudson Vincent teaches writing seminars at Harvard College. His book manuscript, The English Baroque: The Logic of Excess, presents the first large-scale history of English baroque literature and demonstrates how the baroque offered early modern authors a way to think about excess. Rather than a term of periodization, The English Baroque argues that the baroque is best defined as a logic of excess—a logic for making sense of the excesses of the world. Hudson is also at work on a second book, tentatively titled Carceral Colonialism: Literature and Punishment in Early New England, on the carceral strategies of the Puritans in America.







  • "Shakespeare's Pericles and Baroque Romance" | Shakespeare Association of America Conference | April 2020

  • “Subverting the Settler: Thomas Morton and the Transatlantic Baroque” | Department of English, Smith College | April 2019

  • “Baroco: The Logic of Baroque Style” | The Renaissance Society of America Conference, Toronto | March 2019

  • “The Logical and Rhetorical Foundations of English Baroque Poetics” | American Comparative Literature Association Conference, UCLA | April 2018

  • “The Baroque Image of God: Optics of Heterogeneity in Góngora's El Polifemo" | American Comparative Literature Association Conference, Utrecht | June 2017

  • “The Ligaments of Love; or, Three Reformations of the English Body Politic, 1603-1653” | Crossroads Conference, University of Massachusetts at Amherst | October 2016

  • “Reading John Davenport: Scripture and Utopia in America” | American Literature in the World Conference, Yale University | April 2015


  • Harvard Certificate of Teaching Excellence, "Are Prisons Obsolete?" (Harvard University) | 2021

  • Harvard Certificate of Teaching Excellence, "Are Prisons Obsolete?" (Harvard University) | 2020

  • Bowdoin Prize for Graduate Essay in English Language (Harvard University) | 2020

  • Harvard Distinction in Teaching Award, "Texts in Transition" (Harvard University) | 2020

  • Mellon Fellowship in English Paleography (Folger Shakespeare Library) | 2019

  • Bok Center Pedagogy Fellowship (Harvard University) | 2019-2020

  • The Susan Anthony Potter Essay Prize (Harvard University) | 2018

  • Villa I Tatti Graduate Fellowship (Florence, Italy) | 2017

  • Harvard Distinction in Teaching Award, "Shakespeare, the Later Plays" (Harvard University) | 2017

  • Harvard Distinction in Teaching Award, "Milton's Paradise Lost" (Harvard University) | 2016

  • The Luisa Vidal de Villasante Essay Prize (Harvard University) | 2016

  • The Morehead-Cain Scholarship (UNC-Chapel Hill) | 2009-2013


Preceptor, Harvard College Writing Program

  • Expos 20: "Are Prisons Obsolete?" | Primary Instructor

Teaching Fellow, Harvard University

  • Comp Lit 343: “Professing Literature” | Professor Verena Conley
  • Gen Ed 1034: “Texts in Transition” | Professors Ann Blair and Leah Whittington
  • AI 56: “Shakespeare, the Later Plays” | Professor Marjorie Garber
  • English 131p: “Milton’s Paradise Lost” | Professor Gordon Teskey

Junior Tutorial Instructor, Harvard University

  • Comp Lit 98AB: “On Ekphrasis: Art History and the Classics” | Primary Instructor
  • Comp Lit 98AB: “Translation Studies: Greek Lyric to Hollywood Cinema” | Primary Instructor
  • Comp Lit 98 AB: “Migrant Literature and Political Theory” | Primary Instructor

Teaching Assistant, Boston University Prison Education Program (MCI-Norfolk)

  • English 201: “English Composition II” | Professor Ben Tanaka
  • English 104: “English Composition I” | Professor Ben Tanaka

ESL Teacher, Lycée Diderot de l’Académie de Reims

  • Beginning to Advanced Courses in English | Primary Instructor