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The Nature of the Beasts: Empire and Exhibition at the Tokyo Imperial Zoo

Ian Jared Miller (Author), Harriet Ritvo (Foreword)

July 2013


Japan at Nature's Edge: The Environmental Context of a Global Power

Editors: Ian Jared Miller; Julia Adeney Thomas; Brett L Walker

July 2013


Teaching units based on The Nature of the Beasts, forthcoming.

Errata sheet, The Nature of the Beasts. (.pdf)


Articles and Book Chapters:


Didactic Nature: Exhibiting Nation and Empire at the Ueno Zoological Gardens

Ian J. Miller In: JAPANimals: History and Culture in Japan's Animal Life. Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan ; 2005.  Gregory M. Pflugfelder (Editor), Brett L. Walker (Editor)


Bringing Politics to Life: Dōbutsu and Other Creatures of the Japanese Enlightenment. 

Special issue of Japanese Studies on Japan and “the Great Convergence” edited by Julia Adeney Thomas.


“Writing Japan at Nature’s Edge: The Promises and Perils of Environmental History,” in Japan at Nature’s Edge.


Opinons and Essays:

Bitter Legacy, Injured Coast

New York Times Op-Ed [Internet]

Ian Jared Miller