Chapter 2: Identities, Values and Civic Participation (Arab Human Development Report)

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This paper was written as Chapter 2 of the Arab Human Development
Report 2015. The Report was finalized in May 2015, but has been sitting in
the drawers of the UNDP Arab Bureau in New York ever since because of
the unease it has generated among some of the Arab ambassadors. Besides the very rich microanalysis of the state of the youth in the region, the Report ends up with a harsh judgment about Arab elites, which, in the
context of the resurgence of autocratic rule in 2005, must have appeared
especially repugnant to these officials. The opening sentence of the Report
gives a good sense of its content: “.. the youth of the region are becoming
continually more disenchanted with the ossified political power structures that marginalize them. Unless governments wake up to this blinding reality, they are going to have to deal with far more than a few extremists

--finally published in December 2016.

Last updated on 12/06/2016