Active funding

Current funding as principal investigator

National Institute of Health (NIH)
- 1R01AG070988-01: "Diagnosing the undiagnosable: studies of Alzheimer disease mimics and confounders via 'neuropathometry' of dissection photos with 3D scanning"
Massachusetts General Hospital, 2021-2025

- 1RF1MH123195-01 (BRAIN Initiative): "Software for multi-scale mapping of the human brain"
Massachusetts General Hospital, 2020-2023

(Corresponding co-PI)

Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK)
- Interdisciplinary grant ARUK-IRG2019A-003: "Enhanced imaging genetics of the human thalamus in frontotemporal dementia with novel segmentation tools integrating structural and diffusion MR"
University College London, 2019-2022

Selected past funding

European Research Council (ERC)
- Starting Grant 677697: "Building next-generation computational tools for high resolution  neuroimaging studies"         
University College London, 2016-2022