I direct the Laboratory for Ex-vivo Modeling of Neuroanatomy (LEMoN)

Karthik Gopinath
Harsha Gazula
Henry Tregidgo
Sean Young, co-supervised with Prof. Bruce Fischl
Xiangrui (Taylor) Zeng, co-supervised with Prof. Bruce Fischl

Research Technicians/Assistants
Rogeny Herisse
Jonathan Williams Ramirez
Mentored HST/MEMP PhD students
Former members
Benjamin Billot (PhD student) -> Postdoc at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Erendira Garcia-Pallares (research assistant)
Matthew Vera (research assistant)
Nellie Robinson (research assistant)
Adrià Casamitjana (postdoc) -> Margarita Salas fellow at the University of Barcelona.
Alessia Atzeni (PhD student)  ->  Imaging Research Scientiest at Queen Square Analytics
Juri Althonayan (research assistant) -> Medical student at the University of Cambridge
Emily Blackburn (research assistant)  -> PhD student at the UCL Institute of Neurology
Loïc Peter (postdoc) -> Research Scientist at Ganymed Robotics
Matteo Mancini (postdoc) -> Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School.
Roberto Annunziata (postdoc) -> Research Scientist at Onfido Biometrics Verification.
Shauna Crampsie (research technician) -> PhD student at the Institute of Cancer Research, London.