New R01 grant + postdoc position available

January 5, 2021

It is my pleasure to announce that our R01 submission "Diagnosing the undiagnosable: studies of Alzheimer disease mimics and confounders via 'neuropathometry' of dissection photos with 3D scanning" has been funded by the NIH.  This project seeks to reconstruct 3D brain images of human brains using 3D infrared scanning, machine learning, and dissection photography, in order to increase our understanding of Alzheimer's and its mimics.

We are currenly seeking to hire a postdoc to work in this project. If you are interested, the details can be found under...

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New preprint available

December 24, 2020

The preprint of our new paper: "Joint super-resolution and synthesis of 1 mm isotropic MP-RAGE volumes from clinical MRI exams with scans of different orientation, resolution and contrast" is available on Arxiv. Using synthetic brain MRI scans generated from segmentations, we train a convolutional neural network that learns to generate 1 mm MP-RAGES from a set of clinical MRI scans of the same subject, acquired anisotropically with different slice thickness, spacings, and orientations. The synthesized scans can be subsequently processed with standard neuroimaging tools for registration...

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