Best paper award at SASHIMI

September 29, 2021

Our postdoc Adrià Casamitjana has won the best paper award at the SASHIMI 2021 workshop (Simulation and Synthesis in Medical Imaging), organized as part of MICCAI. The paper, "Synth-by-Reg (SbR): Contrastive Learning for Synthesis-Based Registration of Paired Images",  a registration loss for weakly supervised image translation between domains that does not require perfectly aligned training data. This loss uses a registration CNN with frozen weights to drive a synthesis CNN towards the desired translation. Preservation of structures is further encouraged with a complementary loss based on contrastive learning. In the paper, we show results on 3D histology reconstruction of two datasets. You can find a preprint of the article [here], and the code [here].  

Big congrats, Adrià!