Julia is a fourth year physics PhD student at Harvard University focusing on theoretical biophysics. She is currently in residence at the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, working on models of infection dynamics.

She got her BA in Physics from Princeton University in 2013, with minors in Biophysics, Finance, Applications of Computing, and Applied Mathematics. During her undergraduate summers she worked in several research labs throughout the country; her work ranged from studying neural computations to bacterial motility. She’s also interested in economics and entrepreneurship, and during the summer of 2013 she worked as a business development consultant for early stage startups in Berlin, Germany. The exposure to that unique environment lead her to enroll in classes at the Harvard Business School. Outside of her graduate research, she is more broadly interested in the inter-connection of different academic fields. She’s inspired to learn more about effective collaboration – how cross-field knowledge transfer can enable high quality science.

During the Spring of 2014, she was also a fellow at the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Institute at the Kennedy School.