Behavioral Science for Inclusive Organizations





This field course uses insights from behavioral science to promote organizational health, in particular, as it relates to equality, diversity and inclusion. Getting and staying healthy includes preventing undesirable events from happening, detecting issues when they arise and mitigating against the consequences as they occur. To promote healthy behaviors, organizations typically rely on “soft” instruments such as awareness raising and appeals through training programs and information sharing, or “hard” instruments such as command-and-control through...

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Executive Education: Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century





(Chair) This Executive Education Program is designed to prepare the Wold Economic Forum's select Young Global Leaders to expand their knowledge base in order to better address some of the most pressing global problems. The course seeks to provide YGL's with a deeper understanding of public policy issues in conjunction with leadership skills.

Closing the Global Gender Gap, PED-317Y/ECON-1376



Co-taught with Professor Rohini Pande
Understanding the role of gender in shaping the economic, political and social opportunities available to individuals can help us evaluate whether and how societies and organizations may close gender gaps in human capital investments, economic participation and political opportunity. It can also shed light on the substantial variation in the size of the gaps across countries and organizations, and inform the role of economic development and management and leadership in closing the gaps.

This course introduces an analytical and...

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