Multi-periscopic prism device for field expansion


Peli, E., Vargas-Martin, F., Kurukuti, N. M., & Jung, J. - H. (2020). Multi-periscopic prism device for field expansion. Biomed. Opt. Express , 11 (9), 4872–4889 . OSA. Copy at
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Patients with visual field loss frequently collide with other pedestrians, with the highest risk being from pedestrians at a bearing angle of 45&\#x00B0;. Current prismatic field expansion devices (&\#x2248;30&\#x00B0;) cannot cover pedestrians posing the highest risk and are limited by poor image quality and restricted eye scanning range (<5&\#x00B0;). A new field expansion device: multi-periscopic prism (MPP); comprising a cascade of half-penta prisms provides wider shifting power (45&\#x00B0;) with dramatically better image quality and wider eye scanning range (15&\#x00B0;) is presented. Spectacles-mounted MPPs were implemented using 3D printing. The efficacy of the MPP is demonstrated using perimetry, photographic depiction, and analyses of the collision risk covered by the devices.

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